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Trading In Dress Pants for Lululemons

Last year I decided to trade in my dress pants and pumps for Lululemons and sneakers and I haven’t looked back.


Working out and living a healthy lifestyle has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. From playing sports throughout my youth, to discovering the wonderful world of fitness in college, staying active has always been a key part of my life. So when it came down to making the decision to leave Corporate America, it was really a no brainer. For me, Corporate America never set my soul on fire. I never experienced the jump out of bed, excited to start the day kind of feelings. I was always the “is it Friday yet?,” ready for the next holiday kind of girl.


After graduating from the University at Buffalo with a degree in business administration, I set out into the working world with a job in the financial services industry. I later made my way into the legal industry (Paralegal party of one), jumped across industries into the beauty industry, and finally, after six years, found myself back in the financial services industry. Through each job I grew as a professional, learning new skills and meeting new people, but never felt truly satisfied by the work that I was doing.


One day, after many conversations with my ever supportive husband and one of my best friends, I came to the conclusion that Corporate America was not a good fit for me, no matter how many different industries I worked in or job titles I had. When it came down to it, my true passion and calling lay in the fitness industry and I so badly wanted to see what I could do with that.


I can’t even tell you the feelings associated with deciding to turn your dreams into reality and taking that blind leap of faith into the ever changing, often unknown, beautiful future. I never once thought I would own my own business, but here I am – business owner, entrepreneur, #girlboss extraordinaire – excited to jump out of bed every morning to help others on their journeys to living healthy lives, and so incredibly thankful, grateful and excited to see what my future holds!

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Hi! I'm Laura.

Fitness fanatic. Food lover.

Accountability partner. 

Dream chaser. Coffee addict.

My philosophy? 

Eating healthy and getting in shape is possible without depriving or starving yourself AND you can still enjoy life's indulgences (in moderation of course!).

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