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Staying Motivated After the New Year

January 23, 2018

We’ve all seen it (or possibly been a part of it)…an influx in gym goers (aka Resolutioners) that starts in January, flows into February, and then almost abruptly stops.


So how can new members avoid becoming one of the dreaded Resolutioners — those who have all but vanished from their newly joined gym before the weather even warms up?


Recruit Some Help                                                                    

The number one way to ensure you are going to stick to a workout program is to recruit some help. Invest in a personal trainer for at least six months so you have someone else who is equally invested in your health and fitness that will hold you accountable to your program. If you’re brand new to working out or it’s been six plus months since you last exercised, set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. I wouldn’t recommend trying to go to the gym five to six days a week from the start. You may be able to keep this up for the first few weeks, or even the first month, but the second life throws something unexpected your way, you’re more likely to quit. People quit because they set extremely high goals. Focus on setting realistic and attainable expectations that work for your schedule, starting with three days a week and building on from there.


Focus on Non-scale Victories

People are also more likely to stick with workout programs if they don’t focus so much on the number on the scale. This is something that I preach to every single client of mine, often on repeat, because I think it’s incredibly important. Yes, the number on the scale is part of your overall health, but it only tells part of the story. I stress to my clients that they should focus on the non-scale victories – how they feel in their own skin, how their clothes fit, have their energy levels improved. Most people want a healthier lifestyle, one in which they can help a friend move or play tag at the park with their children.


Get Serious About Your Nutrition

Another must is getting serious about your nutrition. What you do at the gym is awesome, but if you aren’t taking care of your body outside the gym, you’re not going to see the results or progress you want. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. It’s 100% possible to have balance and be able to enjoy life’s indulgences on occasion, but without the nutrition aspect and understanding that what you put in your body is super important, you’re limited in the expectations that you can have.


If you’re looking for guidance or accountability with your workout program or nutrition, I’d love to chat! 


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