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What Does "Beach Body" Mean To You?

May 23, 2018

Every year, I look more forward to the change of seasons from spring into summer than the last – longer days, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures – and every year, like clockwork, I see ad after ad, post after post, and commercial after commercial about getting into “beach body shape.”


Moment of honesty - 99% of those ads make me cringe!


The images that often accompany those ads show super lean, super fit men and women in them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being super lean and super fit, but I feel that these ads are often misleading and sometimes give people the idea that the men and women shown in them embody the ideal “beach body.” I strongly believe that there’s so much more to being healthy and fit than the esthetic appeal.


If I were asked to describe what a “beach body” looks like, or what being “beach ready” means to me, it would look something like this:


  • Being comfortable in your own skin

  • Being confident in your favorite bathing suit, shorts, sundress, etc.

  • Look in the mirror. What you see is a beach body!


The above descriptions are all points that I help my clients understand and live by, because I truly believe that being confident and comfortable in your own skin is all that matters. If you feel comfortable and confident in that red, two-piece bathing suit, ROCK IT GIRLFRIEND! You don’t need anyone to tell you what a “beach body” should look like, because you’ve already got one.





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