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The Importance of Accountability

March 26, 2019

Picture this: it's the end of a long workday. A workday that has challenged you, tested your patience, and flat out drained you. Your choice come 5 o'clock is to go to the gym or relax on the couch at home with your favorite pint of Ben and Jerry's. What is the first choice that comes to mind?

If you thought relaxing on the couch at home with your favorite pint of Ben and Jerry's, you're not alone! For most of us, especially when life gets stressful, work gets demanding, and we get completely overwhelmed, our natural instinct is to retreat into habits that make us feel comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, many of these habits are unhealthy, and when it comes to working out and eating foods that fuel our bodies, it's so easy to say "I'll get back to it tomorrow," or "I'll start again on Monday." If you're thinking "yes, that's totally me," you're not alone.

Enter the solution: an accountability partner.

An accountability partner is awesome for keeping you on track to reach your goals and is an absolute must for anyone who struggles with consistency and discipline. However, just enlisting someone to check in on you or nag you to log miles on the treadmill doesn't always work.

So how do you know who to partner up with? You want someone you feel comfortable with. Someone you trust, who is honest and tough, and who is reliable and fair. Somone you won't lie to, someone you don't want to disappoint, and someone you know will call you out and be real with you. Someone who will challenge you, someone who will celebrate your success with you and cheer you on as you go.

That being said, this is a lot to ask of a friend or loved one. A lot. So choose someone who this won’t put a strain on your relationship or create conflict or tension. If you’re going to the gym, it can be helpful to choose someone who has the same schedule as you.

How Hiring a Pro Could Save Your Friendship

I used to encourage people to find a friend, but that isn't always the case anymore. Believe it or not, I've seen workout partners manipulate each other to get out of a work out. Hiring someone means you’re immediately invested: it’s costing you something. And, it means that this is the purpose of your relationship. This way you won’t have to run into your friend at Sunday brunch who’s been avoiding your texts all week about working out.

Trust me on this.

I’ve found that people who hire someone achieve better and faster results than those who do not. Not convinced? Let's chat! I'd love to help you reach your goals!


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